Employ Quarterly Insights Report Q3 2022 Jobvite VersionEmploy Quarterly Insights ReportThe Employ Quarterly Insights Report provides unique insights and in-depth analysis on hiring trends compiled from employer and job seeker activity across Employ’s 18,000 customers. The report offers a detailed look at the current state of recruiting and examines how companies should optimize recruiting efforts during one of the most difficult and demanding environments in history.Read More
Employ Quarterly Insights Report InfographicThe labor market is unlike anything ever seen before. View at-a-glance data on the biggest recruiting challenges today and find out how to speed time-to-hire by streamlining your hiring process.Download Now
Jobvite Brag Book 1200x627It’s Not Bragging When You Can Back It UpJobvite is leading the next wave of talent acquisition innovation with a marketing-centric approach to recruiting. See for yourself what makes Jobvite so loved in talent acquisition technology, view our latest awards, and take a look at what customers are saying.Read More
The Step-by-Step Checklist for Moving to a Holistic Talent SuiteAdopting a unified recruiting solution doesn’t have to be intimidating. You just need to break it down into manageable steps. View this step-by-step checklist to learn how your team can identify, evaluate, and select the right centralized TA technology solution.Download Now
five areas consolidatingInfographic: Five Areas You Can Improve by Consolidating Your TA TechView at-a-glance the latest insights and data on why you should consider leveraging a unified recruitment technology stack. Learn five key benefits of centralizing your TA technology and see how your organization can respond in the current hiring environment.Download Now
Centralizing TA Tech 1200x627Centralizing Your Talent Acquisition Technology: The Ultimate How-to-GuideGet the ultimate how-to guide for centralizing your talent acquisition technology. Learn how your team can easily adopt a unified tech stack with the tools recruiters want and need to compete for talent, and find out how to avoid potential roadblocks along the way.Read More
How to Make Sure Your Hiring Process Doesn’t Turn Away Great CandidatesWhen you make it easy for candidates to interact with your employer brand and apply for your open roles, you can deliver a high volume of quality candidates that outpaces your competitors. Take an in-depth look at candidate conversion, and learn how to engage candidates at each stage of your hiring process in this eBook.Read More
The Story Planning Playbook for Recruitment Marketers and Employer Branders [Webinar]In this webinar from ERE, sponsored by Jobvite, Rachel Duran, Talent Brand and Experience Leader, shares her visionary planning process for employer branding and recruitment marketing.Watch
Building Diverse Talent Pools Through Audience PlanningAudience planning empowers you to segment candidates based on a variety of factors and then engage them with relevant content during their talent journey. But creating targeted campaigns can seem overwhelming at first. Learn essential steps for building diverse talent pools, and get actionable strategies to start engaging and segmenting audiences for your recruitment marketing campaigns.Read More
2021 Recruiter Nation Report

The 2021 Recruiter Nation Report gathered responses from more than 800 U.S.-based recruiters and HR professionals to learn what priorities and investments they are focusing on in this new recruiting landscape.