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The pandemic has brought fast changes to the world of talent — industries like healthcare and online retailers need top performers now more than ever. And an influx of job seekers need to find new opportunities. Even in times of uncertainty, it’s important to match your open positions with the right candidate. Here’s how you can get closer to the best and brightest.

Resources to Get You Started

6 Tips for Connecting with Candidates via Text & Automation
Go from dreaming about saving time and building great candidate experiences to living it with these 6 practical tips for using text and automation to find, screen, and hire the best candidates.

National Retailer Achieves Success with Text Campaign
See how a Fortune 500 Retailer hired over 28,000 employees in one day and won an award with their National One-Day Seasonal Hiring Program using text and automation.

Something Positive to Talk About

“What drove us to select Jobvite over any other vendor is customer service, ease of use, and that the simplicity of the technology is transferable to not only the candidate, but also the recruiter.”

Scott Sendelweck, HR Digital Marketing Manager, Community Health Network




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Jobvite Text accelerates your hiring process.

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2020 Job Seeker Nation Report

When Change is the Only Constant: Timely insights into the
realities, challenges, and preferences of today’s workers.


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