About Traitify

Traitify has developed the fastest predictive hiring assessments in the market through its visual response technology. While traditional word-based assessments are time-consuming and lead to significant drop-off, Traitify’s engaging image-based assessments have a 95% completion rate!

Behind the scenes, Traitify assesses various competencies that are specific to the role you are hiring for. Based on decades of research in personality psychology, Traitify creates customized Ideal Candidate Profiles for each of your workplace roles by evaluating your company’s performance and turnover data alongside its personality results. Integrated into the online job application, Traitify provides role-specific FIT scoring for all applicants entering your funnel. This allows you to prioritize best-fit candidates, reducing time to hire and turnover.

Features & Benefits


Yardstik’s integration with Jobvite makes it quick and easy to make background screening and verification part of your day-to-day operations.

In short, here’s how Yardstik and Jobvite work together:

  1. Add a Jobvite workflow step to initiate Yardstik screening or verification packages for candidates. You’ll be able to choose a Yardstik package in the requisition tab.
  2. From there, candidates will be invited to submit their information through an experience branded with your logo.
  3. From the Jobvite Candidate tab, you’ll be able to view all candidates being screened, see the status of their reports, and take action based on the results of their reports.


  • Yardstik, coupled with Jobvite, makes it easy to go beyond traditional background checks and create unique packages for your industry, your organization, and the roles you’re hiring for.
  • Keep everything in one place. Automate, manage, and review your screening processes through Jobvite.
  • Always put your brand first. Avoid confusing, unintuitive workflows for your candidates through branded, streamlined experiences for your candidates to enter their information.