Career Site Chatbot

Expand access to your talent pipeline

Enhance the candidate experience by promoting instant, real-time interaction on your career site. Create an intelligent process guided by your desired outcomes, and see results as your chatbots engage the right talent pools at the right time — all by your design. Chatbots save recruiters time by answering frequently asked questions: covering benefit packages, routing prospects to the correct talent communities, and providing general company information. Give candidates insight and access to the recruiting process 24 hours a day.

Recruiter-created workflows

Chatbots can interact with candidates by sending messages, asking and answering questions, providing links, and more. Once the process is in place, the chatbot can replicate it over and over again, allowing recruiters to save valuable time. Route candidates to the proper next question, resource, or sort them into a talent pool based on how they reply.



Automated real-time feedback

Leveraging career site chatbots allows candidates to receive immediate answers to questions about the application process and your company. This allows for increased engagement between the candidate and your employer brand, and enhances the overall candidate experience by allowing candidates to get their questions answered in a timely fashion without waiting on recruiter response. The use of chatbots shortens the entire recruiting process at scale, engaging candidates and removing time consuming tasks from recruiters’ plates.



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Earn time back in your day

Automating frequently asked questions and talent pool sorting gives recruiters more time to lead candidates through the recruiting process. Providing information up-front in an easy to find fashion allows candidates to self-screen, giving recruiters the time to focus on interviewing the right candidates for the role. A well-informed and correctly categorized talent base streamlines the talent pipeline, maximizes recruiter efficiency, and enhances overall candidate experience.


With Chatbot, we recognized the potential and reality of what was possible, and with our long-standing partnership and investment in the solution, and trusted infrastructure in place, we knew it was the solution we were hoping for.

headshot of RJ Quaresima

RJ Quaresima
Senior Director, Talent Acquisition Operations, UPMC

Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite

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