New Serial Working Relationship Between Employees and Employers

Social Recruiting Innovator Outlines the 11-Job Career Path of Today’s “Generation Flux” Employees

Burlingame, Calf., March 12, 2012 – Many Americans have embraced an entrepreneurial approach to their career growth, changing the work dynamic from a long-term relationship to a series of short-term affairs. In a presentation March 9 at SXSW, Jobvite President and Chief Executive Officer Dan Finnigan discussed “The Future of Work – Serial Monogamy.”

Original survey research by Jobvite, the leading recruiting platform for the social Web, found:

  • 61 percent of employees are open to or actively looking for a new job opportunity
  • More than 30 percent of employers expect their new hires to stay two years or less
  • Less than 15 percent of employers think their average new hire will stay more than five years

Indeed, according to recent statistics the median tenure for a worker’s current job is just 4.4 years; men will average 11.4 jobs in their lifetime, women 10.7. In California the average worker spends less time at a job than high school – an average of 3.0 years.

“A growing group of workers have embraced change and adapted to today’s hyper-connected, ever-evolving work environment – recently dubbed ‘Generation Flux’ by Fast Company,” said Finnigan. “Working with short-term staffers means a long-term commitment to recruiting. To win new hires, companies must focus on year-round social recruiting to entice more candidates and build brand awareness.”

Nearly nine out of 10 companies used social recruiting to find new hires in 2011. Likewise, many employees use social networks in their job search. Jobvite’s Social Job Seeker Survey 2011 revealed more than 22 million Americans have used social networks to find their most recent job opportunity. In the last year nearly half of all job seekers (48 percent) used Facebook in their job hunt, 26 percent used LinkedIn and 23 percent used Twitter.

“The rules of engagement in the war for talent have changed,” Finnigan added. “Companies seeking to hire the best and brightest have to adapt and accept the new employee dynamic. Savvy employers must encourage growth and provide new challenges to enjoy the benefits serial monogamy workers offer – regardless of how soon they’ll leave.”

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