Jobvite Certified To Display TRUSTe’s Safe Harbor Seal

Social Recruiting Platform Demonstrates Global Commitment to Consumer Privacy Protection

Burlingame, Calf., July 16, 2012 – Today Jobvite, the leading recruitment platform for the social Web, announced its participation in the TRUSTe® U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Program and its certification to display the TRUSTe EU Safe Harbor Seal. This development demonstrates Jobvite’s global commitment to transparency, accountability and consumer choice, the foundations of online privacy. Jobvite joins thousands of TRUSTe-certified Web sites in recognizing privacy’s ability to accelerate online commerce and information exchange.

Participation in TRUSTe’s U.S.-EU Safe Harbor program signifies a Web site’s compliance with the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework, a legal safe harbor established by the Department of Commerce that allows U.S. companies to satisfy EU privacy directives protecting the personal information of European citizens. TRUSTe awards its EU Safe Harbor Seal only to companies that complete TRUSTe certification, submit to ongoing site monitoring, and participate in TRUSTe’s consumer privacy dispute resolution program.

Consumers prefer Web sites that demonstrate responsiveness to privacy concerns, set clear expectations for the processing of personal information and offer timely choice should those expectations change. With its privacy programs TRUSTe helps companies address this consumer preference for transparency, accountability and choice and effectively advertise their privacy commitment with TRUSTe’s well-recognized privacy seals.

“Given abundant consumer privacy concerns it’s no surprise that 71 percent of consumers look for trustmarks before doing business online” said Dave Deasy, vice president of marketing at TRUSTe. “With the TRUSTe EU Safe Harbor Seal, Jobvite sends a clear signal to its customers that it respects their personal information. We’ve found that 82 percent of consumers who see a TRUSTe privacy seal trust it, which translates directly into increased site engagement. That’s the privacy payoff.”

“It’s important to show our customers we are committed to maintaining the privacy and security of their information,” said Dan Finnigan, president and CEO of Jobvite. “We’re very proud to participate in the TRUSTe U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Seal Program, one of the most highly regarded privacy certification programs in the industry.”

TRUSTe provides its clients and their customers with an efficient process to resolve privacy disputes through its online Watchdog Dispute Resolution service. Clients displaying TRUSTe’s EU Safe Harbor Seal can take advantage of TRUSTe’s multi-lingual support for this dispute resolution service. Each year TRUSTe resolves over 9,000 complaints filed by sealholders’ customers and TRUSTe’s privacy seals generate more than 20 million click-throughs by consumers seeking to verify their authenticity.

About TRUSTe

TRUSTe is the leading online privacy solutions provider and provides a broad suite of privacy services to help businesses build trust and increase engagement across all of their online channels – including websites, mobile applications, advertising, cloud services, business analytics and email marketing. Over 5,000 online properties, including those of Apple, AT&T, Disney, eBay, HP, Microsoft, Nationwide, and Yelp rely on TRUSTe to ensure compliance with evolving and complex privacy requirements. TRUSTe’s mission, based on a “Truth in Privacy” framework, is built on a solid foundation of transparency, choice and accountability regarding the collection and use of personal information. TRUSTe’s privacy seal is recognized and trusted by millions of consumers as a sign of responsible privacy practices. For additional information on TRUSTe and its offerings, please visit

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