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GoodTime helps companies shorten their time to hire and deliver an exceptional candidate experience by automating interview scheduling.

We use automation and AI to match the most optimal interviewers to candidates, automating the scheduling process for both phone and complex onsite interviews.

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  • GoodTime works with Jobvite’s REST API and automatically syncs candidate, requisition, stage, recruiter, hiring manager, and coordinator information for candidates with whom the interviews need to be scheduled.
  • The integration with Jobvite allows our users to seamlessly and automatically import all relevant information to make sure there is no manual data entry.
  • GoodTime also integrates with calendars to sync the availability of interviewers so that it can provide the real-time options to candidates, which eliminates the needs for the back and forth communication.


  • Talent teams experience up to 90% reduction in time to schedule interviews.
  • Automatic assignment and diversification of interviewer panels, removing unconscious bias.
  • Get candidates in the door faster via automated interview scheduling which reduces time-to hire by up to 50%.
  • Deliver a seamless and amazing candidate experience.