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What is a Virtual Interview? 

A virtual interview has become the new standard for most of the interviews conducted by recruiters. The virtual interview is used to discuss a position with a candidate and is conducted either by phone or video call. Some hiring processes include in-person interviews after an initial virtual interview.

What are the Types of Virtual Interviews?

The virtual interview can be either live or done by an asynchronous video.

Virtual Interview

A live virtual interview is scheduled between a recruiter and the candidate and is conducted on a virtual meeting platform like Zoom. These are usually done during a workday and may be followed by an in-person interview.

Asynchronous Interview

These interviews are timed, on-demand videos that a candidate records on their schedule and submits for review by a recruiter. Video interviews are a great way to screen candidates for things like experience, certifications, and skills in little time.

How Do You Stand Out in a Video Interview?

Whether live or through asynchronous video, a virtual interview is still a great way to impress recruiters during the interview process. Use these tips to make a strong impression during a virtual interview.

  • Make sure internet connection is stable to avoid any issues during the interview.
  • Keep background noise minimal and interview in a room without distractions if possible.
  • Do your research on the company and role before the interview so you’re prepared to ask and answer questions.
  • Dress to impress – even though it’s a virtual interview, a recruiter still wants to see a professional looking candidate.

What is the Virtual Interview Process?

The virtual interview process is different for every role and company, but they’re used to conduct screenings and interviews with candidates. Virtual interviews provide flexibility for candidates and can save time for recruiters. A virtual interview process usually includes these steps:

  • The recruiter screens candidates via phone or asynchronous video.
  • A live virtual interview is conducted between the candidate and the recruiter, hiring manager, or interview team.
  • Follow-up meetings are scheduled for additional live video or in-person interviews.

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