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What is Text Recruiting?

Text recruiting is an important automated messaging tool that recruiters use to engage candidates. Candidates aren’t always checking emails or able to answer phone calls, but answering texts is much easier. Recruiters utilize texting to pre-screen, schedule interviews, and even invite candidates to apply for open roles.

How Do You Use Text to Recruit?

There are many reasons to text candidates in recruiting – whether you’re looking to schedule interviews, answer questions about a role, or invite someone to apply. Automated messaging is useful to engage candidates throughout the hiring process and ensures their questions are all answered. Below are some ways to use texting in recruiting:

  • Invite candidates to apply for an open role
  • Pre-screen candidates
  • Send automated messages to keep candidates engaged during the hiring process
  • Schedule interviews and phone screens
  • Send employment branding materials like benefits, team outings, perks, and more

What is a Text Interview?

Recruiters utilize texting for pre-screening candidates to verify their skills, experience, and cultural fit. Candidates can answer questions and discuss roles with recruiters by texting them. Use automated messaging to schedule messages to check in with candidates during the recruiting process. You can even use automated messaging to schedule interviews.

What is Text Recruiting Software?

Text recruiting software provides top-quality engagement with automated messaging. It allows recruiters to schedule messages to candidates asking questions, sharing employer information, and checking in during the recruiting process. Texting boasts a higher response rate compared to email and calls for many industries. Easily schedule automated messages, interviews, and pre-screen candidates with text recruiting software.

Is it Okay to Text Recruiters?

In a world that’s increasingly digital – many people want to know if they can text recruiters. Texting is a valuable way to communicate with recruiters during the recruiting process. If a recruiter provides their number and offers to answer questions – feel free to text them! Engaging and enabling candidates throughout the process is the number one job for recruiters. Utilize them for questions about anything from culture and employer branding to benefits and role responsibilities. If they don’t know the answer, they’ll find it for you!

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