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What is Social Media Recruiting?

In today’s job market, candidates use technology like social media to research companies. Social media recruiting is a strategy for improving employer brand as well as candidate engagement. Recruiters use social media to share content about their culture, open jobs, employee stories, and more. It’s useful to promote employer brand and interact with candidates and clients!

How is Social Media Used in Recruiting?

Recruiters can use social media to communicate with their talent pipeline – whether it be to share connections, promote open roles, or share employee stories. Find the most engaging channels in your network and regularly communicate on them. This helps to keep leads warm as well as promote your employer brand.

Which Social Media Site is Most Commonly Used in Recruitment?

While there are a variety of social media platforms that are popular with recruiters – some stick out as favorites. LinkedIn is a favorite of recruiters worldwide due to its integration capabilities and popularity with candidates. Try posting open jobs on LinkedIn or share jobs from your organization on your personal feed to expand the reach.

Advantages and Disadvantages to Using Social Media for Recruiting

While social media is a favorite for expanding brand and engaging candidates, there are many considerations to bringing it in as a strategy. Below are some advantages and disadvantages for using social media in recruiting.


  • Expand employer brand
  • Engage talent pipeline – keep leads warm!
  • Share open roles with talent network
  • Targeted audience messaging
  • Share targeted content
  • Share employee stories


  • Requires planning & strategy (time)
  • Needs dedication to staying up-to-date and engaging with followers/accounts

More on Social Media and Recruiting

Want to learn more about using social media in your recruitment marketing strategy? Read below for information on building your employer brand, engaging candidates, and more! Stay up to date on the latest in HR Tech by following our blog and resource library!