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What is Diversity and Inclusion in Hiring?

Diversity, equity, and inclusion is a hiring strategy to expand diversity and inclusion in an organization. The goal of DEI is to create a more diverse and inclusive team where everyone feels represented and accepted for their gender identity, race, background, orientation, and ability.

Should a Company Hire for Diversity?

Everyone in your company should feel like they belong! When employees feel accepted and encouraged for their ideas and personalities, they will be more likely to enjoy working at your company. As a result, they’ll be more productive and can bring innovation. Companies that hire for diversity also benefit from higher productivity.

What Qualifies as a Diverse Candidate?

A candidate can be diverse in many ways, and all can contribute to your diversity and inclusion goals. The goal of diversity and inclusion should be to represent a variety of groups in gender identity, orientation, race, background, ability, and more. Groups of employees in your company (departments, teams, or groups) should be inclusive of these diverse categories.

What is Diversity in the Workplace?

Diversity in the workplace is the equal representation of all groups of people in your company. It’s important to have a D&I program that helps expand the diversity of your organization as well as educate your employees. Promoting diversity in the workplace helps build a culture of trust and acceptance in your organization.

How Do You Manage Workforce Diversity Successfully?

Working on diversity and inclusion in your company takes time and effort – it can be confusing where to start. Luckily, we know where you can start. Below are some tips for successfully managing a diverse workforce.

  • Get everyone on the same page – If you’re starting a new D&I program, start by gathering your team and deciding on your goals. Decide what D&I can look like in your company and get the support from leadership and employees to begin.
  • Define areas of need – Where in your company would benefit the most from additional diversity? Look at what groups of employees are underrepresented and make a target to hire for those groups.
  • Build your talent pipeline – With targets in mind, start to source diverse groups of candidates. Look at data and analytics to determine what channels to promote jobs in to reach the right people. Work on engaging candidates and building your network to begin hiring for diversity and inclusion.
  • Keep improving – Any program requires continuous improvement to stay effective and beneficial. Work with your organization to keep expanding your D&I program, educating employees on diversity, and keeping your space open for inclusion.

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