Case Study: Large National Retailer

Large National Retailer Hires 18,000 Employees in One Day Hiring Campaign with Talemetry Recruitment Marketing

As one of the largest U.S.-based apparel and home retail stores, the national retailer employs more than 97,000 associates in more than 870 stores across the United States and Puerto Rico, and has revenues of $12.5 billion annually. Offering private, exclusive and national brands, the department store chain depends on its associates to support its mission of helping connect customers to affordable, stylish merchandise.

The company began working with Talemetry in 2006 and now uses Talemetry CRM to manage nearly four million candidates in its database. The Talemetry solution combines internal and ex-ternal candidate sources into a single, easily searchable interface, and provides modern recruit-ment marketing tools to organize and campaign candidates for current and future positions.

Each year, the large national retailer has more than 21 million career site visitors annually and posts an average of 24,000 unique jobs. The company leverages the Talemetry software to manage its high-volume hiring—generating 94,000 hires in Talemetry CRM.

Taking Hiring to the Next Level to Support High-Volume and Seasonal Hiring

One of the most effective recruitment marketing tools the organization leveraged in Talemetry CRM was sending targeted email campaigns to engage candidates. With the ability to automate campaigns with branded, mobile friendly emails—and then track effectiveness from open rates to click through rates to hire—the Talemetry solution makes it easy to send emails based on talent pipeline membership.

Using targeted and mass campaigns for its high-volume hiring, the retailer routinely achieved outstanding results on its email campaigns, with open and click rates of 37% and 6%, respectively. However, one of the biggest challenges in the organization was ensuring consistent adoption of the platform across the entire recruiter user base. And to do that, Talemetry determined it had to demonstrate additional value of the solution to all users.

The Talemetry team recognized that leveraging email campaigns had been a vital part of a regional hiring event in 2016. In fact, in one of its local markets, the event had resulted in hiring more than 300 associates in just one day.

That’s where an ‘Aha!’ moment turned into action—and the Talemetry team got to work. With the idea to strategically expand from a regional hiring day to a national hiring day across stores and locations, Talemetry partnered closely with the organization to prove Talemetry CRM could support a nationwide hiring event in 2017—and meet the demand of its seasonal workforce. The goal was to deliver high-quality candidates from an expanded talent pool—and ultimately convert a large number of qualified candidates into applicants.

With significant coordination required, the Talemetry team helped the retailer use multiple targeted campaigns on the CRM platform to support its planned one-day hiring event and to expand its reach for broader access to talent.

Executing the National Hiring Event with the Integrated Talemetry CRM

The one-day national hiring event was planned in October 2017 and leveraged the power of Talemetry CRM to manage the entire event. With a strategic, well-coordinated approach, the hiring day featured multiple candidate communication channels, including emails, social posts, internal communications and in-store signage.

Talemetry CRM supported the hiring event for the national retailer to deliver outstanding results. By extending its reach to broader channels of talent, the company received 31,000 applications from email campaigns and 75,000 applications overall pre- and post-event from multiple integrated campaigns. During the one-day event, the retailer also used highly visible placement of hiring tables with clear and well-designed signs on storefronts and throughout stores. This made it easy for candidates to find and interact with hiring managers.

The historical application rate increased by more than three-fold and the one-day national hiring event resulted in the retailer making 18,000 job offers with only a 1% fail rate on background checks. Never before had the organization hired so many people in just one day.

According to one of the company’s talent acquisition leaders, “We had not hired that many people in one day in our history. We attribute this to the strategic use of email campaigns utilizing our existing talent database. This will be an annual event going forward.”

By tapping into its existing talent database with a sophisticated approach to national hiring, the Talemetry team demonstrated the greater value of the CRM to users across the organization. It also showcased how email campaigns could take hiring to the next level and achieve outstanding results across the enterprise.

In fact, candidate quality far surpassed expectations, with one associate commenting that “the quality of the candidates was the best we have ever seen.” And even in a difficult retail environment, the organization experienced first-hand how attracting quality talent can make a big impact on the bottom line. Specifically, the retailer was able to achieve a 3.4% comparable sales increase for the combined nine-week period ending December 30 over the same time in 2016.

Capitalizing on Success and Expanding the Talent Network

Since the tremendous success of the national hiring day in 2017, the Talemetry team has continued working with the national retailer to expand its talent network and support its high-volume hiring needs. By leveraging Talemetry CRM, passive job seekers can opt in to talent networks if they are not ready to apply for open positions.

Now recognizing the power of its proprietary talent database to meet all its hiring needs, the retailer has run multiple email campaigns to talent segments previously not engaged before. Email campaigns focused on supply chain management and staffing warehouse have encouraged passive candidates to join specific talent networks and stay informed of positions and company news. This has given the company additional sources to find new talent and ensure it can fill future demand with its talent pipelines. By proactively building relationships and expanding its talent networks, the large retailer has demonstrated tremendous gains in utilizing its recruitment marketing platform from Talemetry. And it will continue to capitalize on the momentum it has achieved in recent years to find and attract top talent for the future.

Large Retailer Has an Evolved Recruitment Marketing Process

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