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Your Weekly Checklist for “The Summer to Evolve” — August 24-28

Learn how advances in technology can help talent acquisition teams work more effectively and efficiently.

Concepts like AI and machine learning can be intimidating — especially in the high-touch, relationship-focused world of talent acquisition. But they don’t have to be!

Recent advances in technology have the power to free talent acquisition pros from the more mundane, repetitive aspects of the job, allowing them to focus on what they do best. Week 11 revealed some key insights for anyone looking to make their work life easier and more productive.

Hot Takes from Week 11 of “The Summer to Evolve” 🔥  


  • AI isn’t about replacing people — it’s about teaching machines to be “smart” enough to complete repetitive, time-consuming tasks faster than a human ever could, and learning to do those tasks better over time.


  • Gartner estimates that the number of companies using AI-related technologies has grown by 270% over the past four years.


  • The most recent Job Seeker Nation Report found that an easy application process is critical to a positive candidate experience. AI-powered technology like chatbots can make the process easier and more seamless for both candidates and recruiters!

Top Ways to Get Started with Artificial Intelligence THIS WEEK 

🔲 Educate yourself on the use of AI in the talent space. It may feel like you’re already behind the curve, but AI is still in its early days. Technology will continue to advance in the years to come — getting started now will ensure you’re ready for the changes ahead.

🔲 Think about the things you do every day to identify specific tasks that might be easier with the help of AI. Keep in mind, AI is best suited for tasks that are:

  • Data-intensive
  • Repetitive
  • Clearly defined
  • Predictive

🔲 Start looking for a technology vendor that can meet your needs. Remember, there’s no such thing as a “general” AI solution — it’s all about solving specific problems. Jobvite builds AI into everything we do within our end-to-end Talent Acquisition Suite.

Top Ways to Incorporate Artificial Intelligence THIS MONTH  

🔲 Start an AI pilot program by choosing one or two tasks where automation would really save time and effort. Some good examples include:

  • Sourcing: Automatically sift through millions of data points from a variety of sources to find high-potential candidates.
  • Resume screening: Implement automated messaging or chatbots to quickly determine whether a candidate has the basic skills and qualifications you need.
  • Candidate matching: Sort through large volumes of candidates to identify those who are most closely aligned with job descriptions.

🔲 Look for ways to reduce bias in your hiring process through the use of AI. By limiting the potential for unintended human bias, you can achieve better diversity and inclusion outcomes.

🔲 Be prepared to learn and adapt on the fly. As you begin applying AI and automation to your daily tasks, you’ll likely start to see even more opportunities to use it. Track your results as you go, so you can make a case for more and better AI solutions.

Thanks for joining us for Week 11!  

After soaking in this week’s insights, we hope you’re ready to start applying AI and automation to your daily tasks. Feel free to check out the session recordings if you need a refresher! In our final week of The Summer to Evolve, we’ll focus on analytics and data-driven recruiting. Please note — our schedule is a little different next week, so be sure to adjust your calendar as needed.