Three Key Insights for Amplifying Diversity Hiring in Your Organization

Diversity hiring has been an important topic for decades. And while much has changed over the years, the goal of creating a diverse and welcoming workforce remains elusive for many organizations.

Today, the conversation has expanded from simple “diversity” to “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI). Yet companies are still grappling with some of the same questions they always have: What does workforce diversity really look like? Why is it important? And how can we make it happen?

Earlier this week, Jobvite hosted a webinar to dig into these critical questions, with help from two of our favorite experts: Trish McFarlane and Steve Boese from H3 HR Advisors. Following are just a few of the key takeaways from this session.

#1: The Definition of “Diverse” Is Shifting

In the 1980s and 1990s, most companies had a simple two-race view of diversity. Today, the very idea of diversity hiring has evolved to include not only race, but gender, ethnicity, age, orientation, physical ability, neurodiversity, and more.

This evolution is partly due to increased visibility and empowerment of previously marginalized groups, but there are also demographic shifts at play. The U.S. population is becoming more diverse over time, especially in younger segments of the population. In fact, Generation Z (born 1996-2010) is the most diverse generation in history, with nearly half comprised of racial or ethnic minorities.

Age distribution within the U.S. workforce is also changing. As the youngest Baby Boomers approach retirement age, younger generations will step into leadership roles — bringing with them stronger convictions about diversity and inclusion. In the wake of the pandemic, there is also a trend toward earlier retirement, which will only amplify the impact of younger leaders.

Bar graph showing the workforce in 2025 by age

PRO TIP: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is a great resource for trends, demographic data, and other info to help guide your DEI strategy. 

#2: An Inclusive Workforce Is More Important Than Ever

The impact of the Great Resignation is still reverberating through the labor market, creating some of the tightest hiring conditions in history. With fewer candidates available for every open role, companies have an opportunity — and an obligation — to take a more deliberate approach to strategic hiring and DEI initiatives.

The fact is, a diverse and inclusive workforce benefits everyone. Diverse teams are more innovative, more productive, and report greater employee satisfaction. Studies by McKinsey have demonstrated that companies with diverse leadership produce stronger business results. A commitment to DEI can even help with hiring, as nearly half of job seekers consider this factor when evaluating a job offer.

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#3: Technology Can Enhance your DEI Efforts

While DEI and diversity hiring is very much a human-centric initiative, the right technology can help to find and engage diverse audiences, reduce recruiting bias, and improve hiring outcomes. For example:

  • Expand talent pools and top-of-funnel efforts with a tool like Jobvite’s Zero-Click Intelligent Sourcing.
  • Remove personally identifiable information (PII) from candidate resumes and profiles with a tool like Jobvite’s Bias Blocker.
  • Review job postings for biased language that can lead to unintended disparity with a tool like Jobvite’s Job Description Grader.
  • Analyze the impact of your DEI efforts across the entire talent acquisition lifecycle with a powerful tool like Jobvite’s Unify Advanced Analytics.

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It’s never been more important to create a diverse and inclusive workplace — one that truly reflects the society in which we live. Most companies have not yet reached the workplace ideals they desire, but every step in the right direction makes a difference.

Watch the full webinar for even more insights, tips, and actionable advice. With help from Jobvite and the experts at H3 HR Advisors, you’ll be prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities of today’s diversity hiring initiatives.