5 Tips to Improve Recruiter Efficiency During a Hiring Surge

Today’s job market is booming and the race for talent has begun. Yet, during the pandemic, many recruiting teams were forced to scale down their own resources. Now, many of them are being asked to fill lots of open positions, when the recruiting teams themselves haven’t staffed back up. As they rush to fill open positions with limited resources, they’re looking for any place to save on time and effort.

If this is your situation there’s no need to panic. Here are five ways you can improve your efficiency and avoid burnout.

Five Ways to Improve Recruiter Efficiency

5. Automate scheduling

With high numbers of applications, it may seem impossible to align the schedules of hiring managers and team members to bring candidates through the interview process. Let technology do the work for you. Tools such as our automated scheduling software accesses the interviewing team’s calendars and identifies times where everyone is available. Then, it sends a message to candidates providing available times to meet and lets the candidate choose which one works best. When the candidate chooses a time, it’s automatically put on the calendars of the team, avoiding frustrating scheduling conflicts and the typical back and forth messaging trying to find a time that works for everyone.

4. Engage candidates through automated messaging

Communicating with candidates to get information, screen for roles, schedule interviews, and answer questions could be a full-time job if done manually. Save time and effort on candidate communication by using automated text messaging and chatbots. Targeted text messages can be scheduled to send to candidates at key times during the interview process. Recruiters that text candidates have a better chance of getting a response than from phone calls or emails. Another great option is chatbots which are increasing in popularity for their ease of use in gathering information from potential applicants and providing immediate responses to candidates improving the candidate experience.

3. Leverage data metrics

You can’t improve your efficiency if you don’t know where your bottlenecks are. Use your ATS to gather data throughout the recruiting process, identify problem areas, and set trackable goals for improvement. You can also use career site data to get recruitment marketing insights such as which parts of your site candidates are visiting the most, and where they are coming from. There is a tremendous amount of information available to you and in no time, you’ll be finding plenty of ways to be efficient.

2. Utilize AI for candidate search and matching

Finding the right candidates for an open role, especially niche roles, can take a lot of time and effort. But it doesn’t have to! Automation and artificial intelligence can help identify potential matching candidates from CRM databases. This will help speed up the screening process and can make sure that sourced candidates meet the necessary qualifications and experience for an open role.

1. Send automated targeted messaging to passive talent

Sometimes candidates aren’t quite ready to apply or don’t see a role that’s a fit for them on your career site. That’s ok! Keep passive talent engaged through messaging campaigns. Automated messaging allows you to send targeted messages like content, company culture, employee stories, and more to your network. And the best candidate texting solutions allow you to send 1-1 text messages or 1-many text messages to your candidates. Keep fuel on the fire so that when they’re ready to apply, they’ll think of you first.

Final Thoughts

Looking to learn more about how to make your recruiting strategy more efficient? Download our guide to hiring top talent quickly. Then, visit our resource library for more guides on automation, recruiting metrics, and more. When you’re ready to learn more about how Jobvite can help your organization hire better talent faster, request a demo. And don’t forget to stay up to date on the latest in talent acquisition by subscribing to our blog!