How TA Teams Can Prioritize Recruitment Marketing in 2022

Talent acquisition (TA) teams are competing for candidates in a tight market and implementing recruitment marketing strategies to win top talent. We recently joined Lori Sylvia, Founder, and CEO of Rally® Recruitment Marketing for the Build Your 2022 Recruitment Marketing Plan webinar as she discussed tips and strategies for planning recruitment marketing tactics for the year. If you missed the session, don’t worry — we’ve wrapped it up with our top highlights.

How TA Teams Can Plan Recruitment Marketing Tactics This Year

Recruitment marketers are finishing up their plans for 2022 and are focusing on improving the candidate experience and their employer brands. Here are their top priorities and strategies for achieving their recruitment marketing goals this year.

Budget Flexibility Moves the Needle Further

Talent teams have found that they can move the needle on recruitment marketing strategies when they commit budget to them. Recruiters who want to evolve their recruitment marketing should create the business case to leadership for a budget dedicated to recruitment marketing activities, like digital ads or new software.

Recruitment marketers are dividing their budgets into buckets to better optimize return on spending. Lori Sylvia at Rally® recommends splitting money into committed, uncommitted, and contingency budgets to maximize results.

  • A committed budget is for monthly, recurring expenses. Things like licenses, membership, or industry fees can be put into a committed budget.
  • An uncommitted budget can be used for a variety of expenses, like test campaigns. Use this budget to try different recruitment marketing strategies or tools and see how high of a return you can get.
  • Contingency budgets are smaller funds that can be used for last-minute costs. “This is your ‘yes budget’,” suggests Sylvia, and it should be 10 – 15% of the overall budget. Test out new campaigns or say yes to a project and keep your recruitment marketing fresh.

Agile Recruiters Aren’t Afraid of Failure

Sylvia also discussed the importance of trying new strategies in recruitment marketing. Agility is a key factor in recruiting success, and testing new ideas and tools helps teams pivot and make improvements. Recruiters often avoid trying new ideas because of the possibility of failure —but don’t let that keep your team from testing campaigns and strategies.

Start with your concrete goals for the year for hiring and improving the candidate experience, and then align your recruitment marketing tactics with them. Next, decide what type of budget your strategies will use (committed, uncommitted, contingency) and set it aside. Finally, determine what key metrics will be used to measure success and when a tactic should be scaled.

Roles in Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing efforts and focus can be divided up into two areas, suggests Rally® — Advertising Jobs and Marketing Your Employer Brand. Goals, budgets, and responsibilities can be built into these programs to further recruitment marketing efforts.

Advertising Jobs

Candidates can’t be expected to just stumble upon your job postings and want to apply for them. One pillar of recruitment marketing is advertising jobs to potential candidates. Top TA teams use automation and AI tools to automatically broadcast jobs to targeted audiences at the right time. Building a diverse talent pipeline of different types of candidates starts with advertising jobs to them during key stages of the job seeking journey.

Marketing Your Employer Brand

It’s not enough to broadcast and advertise open job requisitions. A well-rounded recruitment marketing strategy also includes marketing a strong employer brand. The better an employer brand is, the more easily recruiters can find qualified candidates for jobs. Talent teams should focus on building their employer’s reputation by engaging candidates and sharing information about the company with potential applicants.

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