The 5 Things Missing From Your Company’s Career Website

To convert more job seekers into applicants, your career website must be built for candidate engagement. You need to wow them from the moment they arrive and give them a reason to complete the application process. The impression that prospective candidates get from your website could be the only picture they ever have of your company and your brand, so make sure you create a compelling image by including the following elements.

Mobile-Friendly Design

You’re dealing with a tech-savvy, mobile generation when you promote positions at your company to potential hires. Job seekers are increasingly turning to their smartphones as the tool of choice to help them find careers, and if your site isn’t optimized for mobile, you’ll lose the opportunity to connect with a lot of talented young candidates.

Clear Employment Branding

Your company’s culture and brand message should be obvious from the content of your career website. If job seekers can’t tell what your business is all about and get a good feel for what it’s like to work there, they’ll leave and look for somewhere else to apply. Take the most compelling aspects of your organization and create a video featuring a diverse group of employees. Potential applicants connect better with real people and will be more confident about applying if they feel they’ll fit in as part of your team.

Guidance for Next Steps

Give job seekers a clear path to follow once they have familiarized themselves with your company culture and are ready to apply for a position. Just like you need to show customers what to do next when pitching a product or service, you need to provide an obvious “next step” for candidates so that they take action instead of feeling unsure about how to respond to your message.

A Compelling Call-to-Action

Make it as easy as possible for job seekers to follow your guidance by providing a visible, straightforward call-to-action. This can be as simple as an “Apply Now” button placed at the top and bottom of the page as long as it’s eye-catching enough to compel them to act.

A Social Experience

Keep candidates engaged after the application process by providing links to your social profiles in a prominent area of your career site. Encourage them to follow you on social media to stay on top of the latest developments. Once candidates apply through your career website, their information should go directly into your applicant tracking system (ATS) so that you can follow the best talent throughout the hiring process. As the first part of your recruiting funnel, your career website leverages candidate engagement to direct high-quality applicants to your ATS software and builds a pool of qualified individuals ready and willing to join your company.