Jaylan Fisher – Exceptional Performer Helping Tech Community Succeed

It is with great excitement that we celebrate Jaylan Fisher, Associate Recruiter at Jobvite, who has been named to the Tech 25 class of 2021.

Based in Indianapolis, Jobvite’s Global Headquarters, TechPoint’s prestigious selection of twenty-five individuals represent a wide range of roles within tech companies, such as software developers, financial analysts, marketing directors, HR representatives, and product managers. Winners are described as “committed team players who build others up through mentoring, volunteering, and positive example, and are committed to contributing to the broader community.”

In addition to being star performers at their companies, these critical performers help to grow their tech community and tech-enabled companies with their exceptional work contributions, positive energy, attitude, and their remarkable community impact.
Once you learn a little about the significant impact that Fisher has made in Indianapolis and at Jobvite (since joining only eight months ago), seeing her name on this year’s Tech 25 class is no surprise!

“Since joining, Jaylan has been working with the entire product and engineering (P&E) leadership team to staff one of our most significant engineering hiring investments, increasing the size of the team by over 30%,” said Brianne Thomas, Head of Recruiting at Jobvite. “In February, she was honored by the engineering team with their coveted “Jobvite Product and Engineering Collaborator” award, and filled over 20 positions in just her first six months on the team—her speed and efficiency being one of many reasons Jobvite loves our recruiters!”

Fisher’s value extends far beyond her ability to find great talent. She coaches, directs, and provides feedback to Jobvite’s engineering leadership team to help them continually refine and improve their approach to recruiting our next P&E hires. Plus, she is always coming up with new ideas for how to engage the management team in the hiring process and how to think differently about skills and training to increase the diversity of the candidate pool for our organization.

“Jaylan led the recruiting efforts for our P&E teams through a particularly challenging environment. We started with over 40 open jobs and not much of a process,” said Zach Linder, SVP of Operations at Jobvite. “She helped our team get more organized and efficient, quickly knocking down our hiring backlog, all with a smile on her face and an amazingly positive attitude.”

Beyond her work at Jobvite, she is actively managing multiple outside endeavors and is a passionate community leader – frankly, we don’t know where she finds the time to be so involved! Fisher is a true “coach” in every sense of the word—challenging herself to grow, and helping others to do the same. She launched Goal Fit in 2020, and as CEO and Goal Success Coach, empowers women to build their networks, collaborate, and “get fit with their goals.” Collaborating with leaders from her alma mater, Ball State University, through speaking engagements with the Alumni Center and student organizations, Fisher is currently preparing for her third speaking opportunity this year. She stays further connected as a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha service sorority and is also a co-founder of Black in HR Indy. In a space where two-thirds of HR professionals identify as white, Black in HR Indy aims to build a space for community, sharing, and networking among Black HR professionals in Indianapolis.

Fisher strives to live an inclusive life personally and professionally, by embracing people of all cultures and celebrating the things that make us unique—which she puts into practice as both a Jobvite recruiter and active champion of causes that matter to her. Taking Jobvite’s values of “We Care”, “We Do What We Say”, “We Embrace a Growth Mindset”, and “We Keep it Real” to the next level, we are so proud to have Fisher on our team making impacts both at our organization and in her own Tech community.