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Navigating the Roads of Recruiting with our Analytics Dashboard

As we’ve watched the recruiting industry mature over the years, one thing has become perfectly clear: recruiters are an essential part of any company’s success. They strategize, research, and rally around building the best teams possible,...

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7 Benchmark Metrics to Help You Master Your Recruiting Funnel

Deconstructing the Recruiting Funnel Data is always a hot topic. Every year we learn a new data-related buzzword, from “big data” - to “data analytics” - and these days “predictive analytics” is the supposed key to...

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Analyzing Hiring Data: How do I Fare?

Last month, I wrote a blog on hiring ratios. In order to come up with these ratios, I looked at Jobvite’s Big Data, an infrastructure comprised of a large sample of aggregated Jobvite customer data and gleaned...

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Metrics that Matter: Our New Technology for Recruiting Intelligence

Do you remember that old saying about advertising? “I know half the money I spend on advertising works, I just don’t know which half.” Well, we all know that this is not the case anymore, and...

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