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Recruiting System Metrics that Matter – Time to Fill vs. Time to Hire

The task of recruiting and hiring candidates for a position is getting tougher. It's also very competitive as hiring managers must do what they can to lure top candidates. This leads to a constant analysis of...

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The Top 5 Must-Have Recruiting Metrics in 2019

Which measures matter? With dozens of different recruiting metrics available, how do you know which ones are most valuable to your company? The tools that recruiters and employers use to measure the effectiveness of hiring practices...

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Step Up Your Game with Real-Time Recruiting Analytics Dashboard

A recruiter’s value to an organization is measured by the number of open jobs they can fill and how quickly they can fill them. When positions go unfilled, organizations lose money - bottom line. So even...

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The Top 3 Recruiting Metrics to Measure

Let’s face it: recruiting has often been branded as more art than science. It’s a communicative discipline, after all — one where people skills, inquisitive interviewing and character instincts are crucial to doing a good job....

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Jobvite & IDC: Jumpstart Your Talent Analytics

The world is rapidly changing, and nowhere is that more obvious than in Talent Acquisition, which is evolving from a cost center to highly impactful business driver. How can your organization make the switch? The answer:...

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Calling All Healthcare Recruiters: Can Your ATS Improve Your HCAPHS Scores?

How often have you considered your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) in the same context as your hospitals HCAPHS scores? Can a full featured recruitment platform make a meaningful contribution to the improvement of those scores? The...

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Jobvite Found the Optimal Number of Candidates Per Engineering Job

By Adam Hyder, Chief Technology Officer, Weijen Hsu, Senior Software Engineer, and Chet Kumar, Big Data Architect At Jobvite, we employ cutting edge analytics techniques to mine recruiting intelligence from our comprehensive database of over 50M job...

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3 Steps to Become a Metrics-Driven Recruiter

How much does your company spend on agency hires? What are your most valuable recruiting channels? How much budget have you slated for emergency situations? If you can’t answer questions like these with confidence, then you’re...

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7 Mission-Critical Questions to Avoid Downtime

It’s the nightmare that keeps us all up at night. Your cloud-based software vendor goes down for an extended period of time and your mission-critical business applications are unavailable. Your business grinds to an abrupt halt....

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