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Five Key Insights from Today’s Job Seekers

In a labor market that’s constantly changing for both candidates and employers, it’s important to stay current on the latest talent acquisition insights. With millions of jobs available, job seekers feel empowered to secure new jobs...

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Four Data Insights to Get Your Company Focused on the Candidate Experience

The seismic shift during the last two years has turned the labor market on its head. Candidates are firmly in control of the hiring process and employers have been left scrambling to respond to demands for...

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Mother’s Day Perspectives from a Working Mom

Each year, when Mother’s Day comes around, I get slightly anxious. I am the mother of two amazing kids, with a loving and supporting husband, yet I find myself sometimes dreading the actual celebration itself. The...

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2022 Job Seeker Nation: Key Insights Into What Workers Actually Want

This year’s annual Job Seeker Nation Report is out and it’s clear the labor market has entered an entirely new reality. Priorities and expectations in the workplace have drastically shifted over the past year as the...

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5 Insights from Financial Services Job Seekers and Recruiters

The financial services industry has seen dramatic shifts in the last year due to the impact of COVID-19. We surveyed financial services recruiters last fall as well as job seekers this spring to get a sense...

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2021 Job Seeker Nation: Key Findings from This Year’s Report

Learn how the workforce is responding and adapting one year into the pandemic  This just in! Jobvite's 12th annual Job Seeker Nation Report has been released, uncovering a profound change in concerns, challenges, and priorities for workers while...

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What Every Job Seeker Should Know: Jobvite’s 2020 Recruiter Nation Survey

Each year, Jobvite surveys recruiters nationwide for its Recruiter Nation Report to ascertain where the industry’s priorities, concerns, and investments lie. From the results, recruiters throughout the U.S. learn industry trends as well as what’s top of mind for their peers. But the results are also a gold mine of information for another important group—job seekers.    With the country in...

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The Real Cost of Employee Turnover—and How to Prevent It

As talent professionals, we know that “compensation” is more than just salary. To get a complete picture of an employee’s compensation, you have to consider non-salary benefits (like paid time off, health insurance, 401k, etc.) and...

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5 Ways Jobvite Helps Employers Hire During Change

Jobvite customers have been affected by COVID-19 in different ways. We have some companies, like healthcare organizations and online retailers, experiencing urgent hiring needs that started as a direct response to the pandemic. And we have customers that have paused immediate hiring but are hard at work planning...

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