5 Things Candidates Can Do to Stand Out Today

Use these tips to get noticed by hiring managers!

The current state of remote recruiting has led talent teams to diligently consider reimagining their talent acquisition processesJobvite customers know that attracting the best talent is accomplished with a marketing-inspired approach, but how can candidates market themselves to help organizations pick them out of a crowd?  

We’ve outlined the top 5 ways for candidates to stand out during the recruitment process below. Because without top talent, our passion for talent acquisition would not exist!  

5. Be Game Day Ready, Digitally

Brianne Thomas, Head of Jobvite Recruiting tells us, “Remember: a personal brand is way more than just a resume and cover letter, so successful candidates should be thinking beyond that. Some ideas include producing short videos or developing a personal website that houses previous work samples. This helps recruiters get a richer snapshot of candidates as individuals.” Use your LinkedIn profile for easy linking to your Github if you’re an engineer, your personal website if you are a creative, or samples of project plans to highlight finance or product management experience. Keep it fresh so that, when the hiring manager checks out your profiles before your interview, you’re putting your best digital foot forward. 

4. Don’t Limit Yourself to Job Board Engagement

Given the high volume of prospective talent in flux at this time, candidates have to constantly be thinking beyond the obvious job-seeking channels. While job boards made up 69% of 2019 posted job openings according to our 2019 JSN reportmore than 73% of people ages 18-34 have found jobs via social channelsSocial engagement with employers can vary from pinging a recruiter to learn more about a role, to commenting on an Instagram post or story asking questions about what it’s like to work at a company. Part of getting noticed by talent teams is to make yourself accessible from multiple angles

3. Let 7 Degrees of Separation Work in Your Favor

No corner of your network should be left unexplored! Have a friend who knows someone who works where you applied? Reach out! Ask your mutual connection to tee up a conversation for you. There may be some stress associated with asking for help, but avoiding the ask is also wasting time. Michael Wright, Head of Global TA at GroupM says, “Abandon any anxiety you have about reaching out to people—just do it! You might be surprised at the level of empathy in the market right now.” Plus, recruiters love referrals. 40% of candidates who come through referrals are hired. 70% of employers say referred hires fit the company culture and values better than those that don’tAnd referral hires tend to be more loyal. They also often come with perks for the employee who’s referring you. Get a little, give a little—sounds good to us!

2. Leverage, Leverage, and Re-leverage Recruiter Communication

Recruiters want nothing more than to fill their open roles quickly and with the best candidates. They are also in close communication with the hiring manager. Therefore, you should be in close communication with them! Ask questions to reduce uncertainty before embarking on an initial call or interview. Will this chat be via FaceTime? Conference call? Conference call with video? Do I need to download anything prior? What should I expect afterward? Texts? Emails? Carrier pigeons? Setting expectations prior to a scheduled connection will reduce scrambling and increase confidence before pitching all of the awesome ways you’re ready to impact their organization.

1. Do the Homework – Study the Job Description 

Take the time to read the job requirements and be ready to talk to them, line by line. Be prepared with lists of examples to articulate how you’ve demonstrated the required skillsCommit quick stories from your previous experience to memory to more colorfully share what makes you a great candidate for the new role. Show this both in writing and during the interview. Even if the role is not a perfect fit, you may be the ideal candidate because of the related experience you provide. Detail how you can bring a new perspective. That may just differentiate you from other candidates.   

We are in unprecedented timesIt’s more important than ever to be resourceful, stand out from the crowd, and find your next great opportunity! Jobvite is updating a blog with companies hiring new roles every Friday, so be sure to check it out.