Why Emerging Businesses Should Utilize an ATS

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) like the one from Jobvite are among the most powerful recruitment tools in business today. That doesn’t mean they’re only for big companies, though. Emerging businesses can also benefit from using Jobvite ATS, an affordable and adaptable part of Jobvite’s industry leading talent acquisition suite.

Whatever your needs, an ATS can help by making it easier than ever for recruiters to find the best candidates for the job. This software can help small businesses run more efficiently and effectively, while also saving time, money, and energy.

What is an ATS?

An ATS is software that helps you streamline your hiring decision process to accept qualified applications from candidates, select suitable ones, interview them, and improve the overall hiring experience.

The typical recruitment process is time-consuming and stressful, but Jobvite ATS and the complete Jobvite Talent Acquisition Suite help TA teams attract, engage, and hire better candidates faster. Jobvite ATS’ candidate matching system automatically sorts through a large volume of candidates and identifies those who are most closely aligned with a job description. And with Smart Self-Scheduler, there’s less time trying to organize everyone’s schedules and more time actually interviewing candidates.

Why do you need an ATS?

Applicant tracking software is a great tool to incorporate into your business process. There are several sourcing strategies in recruitment, but an ATS takes the cake by making the process easy and comfortable for your hiring managers.

If you do not have an effective method to organize hiring process factors, you will lose a lot of information in the system. With an ATS, you save time and money because you can post various job postings on several platforms.

An ATS allows you to optimize your hiring process so only qualified candidates are selected for screening and interviewing.

The people you need for a successful recruitment process include:

Hiring Managers

The hiring manager is your client and it is their role that needs to be filled. They provide the skills and experience they are looking for and this is what the recruiter uses to create the job posting. Often, the hiring manager will be the direct supervisor for a role. Decision Makers

They approve or disapprove of the decision to hire extra hands for the company. The decision-makers have the final say. They are sometimes the same people as the hiring managers.


They manage the recruitment process, making sure to post the job opening on various platforms and sites. They also monitor the process of filling the job vacancies.


Candidates are the people that are interested in the company. They’ve subscribed to social media feeds, clicked on job ads, or visited the careers page. We want them to take the next step of applying for a position. The application process ought to be uncomplicated and easy to follow.


It is the interviewers’ job to examine qualified candidates to decide who is the best applicant. They must ensure the person they pick fits the requirements of the hiring process.

Human Resources

They negotiate the benefits, compensation, and orientation of the chosen applicants. They ensure that everyone is comfortable with what they are earning while keeping the business profitable.

The people listed above constitute the normal hiring process, and a lot of information passes through this chain. Unfortunately, the numerous links and positions here mean you can lose vital information that is beneficial to your business.

What are some benefits of utilizing ATS as an emerging business owner?

There are several benefits you can enjoy when you implement the capabilities that the applicant tracking system offers. Some of them include:

You do not need to hire a staffing firm

A staffing firm helps you hire new staff for your company. However, you have to pay a lot of money for their services. With an ATS, you can bypass a staffing firm and hire new staff yourself. It could save you thousands of dollars.

Saves you time and reduces stress

Applicant tracking systems save you a lot of time and reduces stress, especially when posting jobs. The software allows you to post a job opening across several platforms in record time. They can also send automated messages to candidates, either to politely refuse their application requests or to accept them, which can help improve the hiring experience of your company.

With it, you can schedule interviews, organize candidate information, and track their progress. All these save you time and energy. You can be more productive, achieving more of your goals in a short time.


You will save a lot more with an ATS since it boosts the efficiency and productivity of your team. The hiring process requires you to spend some money on advertisements, among other things. Imagine your dismay if you have to fire the person you’ve just hired or realize that there are no qualified candidates after months of searching.

Fortunately, an ATS will save you money by minimizing the amount you spend on advertising, improving your business’s efficiency and productivity, and hiring the best candidate for the job.

Helps improve business workflow

An ATS streamlines your business management to ease the hiring workflow. You can customize these processes to fit your business goals so unqualified candidates can fall out quickly. With this, you can achieve your recruitment goals rapidly.

Give your emerging business a big boost with Jobvite

Jobvite’s ATS makes it easy for your business to achieve goals in record time. It improves productivity and reduces expenses. Not only is Jobvite recruitment software cost-effective, but it’s also easy to learn and to use. But don’t take our word for it; try it today and see the difference yourself!