Take the Quiz: Is Your TA Technology Holding You Back?

During the excitement of Super Bowl LVI, it seemed everyone was asking “Are you ready for some football?” Well, as exciting as the Super Bowl is each year, at Jobvite, we’ve noticed there is quite a lot of buzz around talent acquisition in 2022. And we want to know “Are you ready for a TA technology upgrade?”

Like most organizations today, you may be struggling to find enough qualified candidates, especially as you navigate the challenge of the Great Resignation. Or maybe you are losing internal candidates to your competitors? Over the last two years, talent acquisition teams have been adjusting continuously. For many organizations, addressing these shifts is made more difficult with technology that no longer supports their strategic talent acquisition needs.

That’s why we have created an interactive quiz to help you determine if a strategy and technology upgrade could move you forward in tackling your greatest recruiting challenges. Take a look at these challenges below, or you can go directly to the two-minute quiz now.

How to Tell It’s Time for a TA Technology Upgrade

1. Your company is struggling to find and attract top talent.

You’re not the only one. With the high demand for applicants, you must recruit like a marketer using the best technology available to find the talent your company needs. If your company can remove certain hiring barriers and bottlenecks, why wouldn’t you? This is exactly why companies have increasingly turned to technology for recruiting automation during the pandemic.

Automation improves recruiter efficiency by eliminating repetitive, administrative tasks and data entry errors. It can narrow down applications to the most qualified candidates quickly by integrating tools like chatbots. So, while the system is working in the background, engaging and informing candidates on-demand, your team will have more time to find and market to the best talent to fit your culture.

2. You need visibility to see where your best candidates and hires come from.

Do you have visibility into what sourcing is working and what’s not? Sourcing technology, such as Jobvite’s Source & CRM, can effortlessly publish job postings to 20+ job boards, including boards dedicated to specific audiences, and engage candidates through the channels they are most responsive to — whether that’s email, text, or social media. And a customized reporting tool gives you a bird’s eye view across all talent pipelines, helping to see pipeline activity in real-time and adjust strategies as needed.

3. You need a better referral program.

Employee referral programs are the second-highest hiring source (29%) for recruiters behind internal candidates. They reduce cost-to-hire and time-to-hire and are proven to attract employees who stay longer and perform better. However, most companies are only sourcing referrals from 15% of their employees. An end-to-end TA suite helps organizations harness their social capital. Offerings include automated incentive management trackers, automatic notifications, and referral analytics. Does your current TA strategy help you streamline your referral program and get better results, with less effort? 

4. You aren’t able to quickly make data-driven decisions.

Keeping pace with the demands of talent acquisition means making faster, more informed, data-driven hiring decisions. Does your system give you real-time visibility into the health of your talent acquisition program with embedded analytics, including displays of hiring trends and bottlenecks? Do you feel like you need to dive deeper into your data with reporting capabilities and custom reports that reflect your hiring workflows, and keep internal stakeholders up to date on hiring progress and achievements?

5. You need to streamline candidate communication within your core TA suite.

Today candidates open and respond to text messages more than emails. According to Jobvite research, there is a 98% open rate for recruiting texts versus 20% for recruiting emails. And 69% of respondents prefer text over email or phone calls for certain parts of the process.

One way to raise your company’s hiring game is by adding intelligent messaging (IM) and text integration to the mix. For instance, short text-in codes are a great way to engage potential hires when hiring at scale. They give job seekers an immediate way to respond to an opening. IM technology can also schedule and confirm interviews, send video links, share relevant web pages, and more. It helps build talent pools, leads to quicker candidate conversions, and is integrated right into your TA suite.

See What’s Right for Your Situation

As Harvard Business Review warns, a successful recruiting strategy today “starts with acknowledging that you won’t solve your current hiring challenges by applying the solutions of the past.” It’s not something to fear; talent leaders just need the right tools that empower them to move forward.

Take the quiz now to find out if it’s time to rethink your approach with a TA technology upgrade.