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13 Important Touchpoints In a Candidate Nurture Funnel

What is one important touchpoint to consider in a candidate nurture funnel or sequence? To help you identify important touchpoints within your candidate nurture funnel, we asked HR experts, leaders, and practitioners this question for their...

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12 Things to Include In Your Candidate Experience Survey

What is one item to include in your candidate experience survey? To help you determine what to include in your candidate experience surveys, we asked experienced recruiters and hiring managers this question for their best insights....

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How to Best Support User Adoption When Launching New Recruiting Software

According to a LinkedIn report, 68 percent of recruiting professionals believe the best way to improve hiring performance over the next few years is to invest in new technologies. Leveraging talent acquisition software, like the Evolve...

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What the New Employ Corporate Identity Means to the Market

Written by: Allie Kelly, Chief Marketing Officer Today is an exciting day. Today is the culmination of months of work in bringing together the power of a unified organization that is uniquely focused on scalable talent...

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Recruiter’s Guide to Applicant Tracking Systems

Businesses cannot survive without workers, and workers cannot come in without the process of recruitment. Without recruiters, your business cannot find qualified candidates to organize it. Hiring managers and recruiters together have a lot of work...

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How to Write Effective Job Descriptions

Hiring great candidates begins with your job description. When a potential hire performs a job search, they’re like anybody else reading the search engine results page. They want to see fast and concise results on the...

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5 Best Ways to Advertise Job Openings on Social Media

Social media platforms have over 3 billion users worldwide. With these growing numbers, it’s no surprise businesses take advantage of social media recruiting to hire new talent. Posting open positions on job boards is a great...

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8 Best Applicant Tracking System Features

At Jobvite, we know that attracting, hiring, and retaining top talent is critical for the long-term success of your business. Today’s job market is extremely competitive, which is why your company must position itself ahead of...

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Why Emerging Businesses Should Utilize an ATS

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) like the one from Jobvite are among the most powerful recruitment tools in business today. That doesn’t mean they’re only for big companies, though. Emerging businesses can also benefit from using Jobvite...

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